I was lucky to have a great football career and played for some fantastic clubs and my country. I have so many great memories and funny stories, from some of the top managers and players in the game.

After being presented with my first England shirt
After being presented with my first England shirt

I’m probably best known for being the Arsenal captain when we won the Littlewoods Cup in 1987 and for my 86 caps with England. I had a fantastic time starting out at Crystal Palace and I was actually a Chelsea fan as a kid.

I loved my football, but as a youngster I found it hard sometimes travelling to train at clubs. My Mum followed my career from a young age and always gave me wise advice and support.

One time, as a 15 year-old, I didn’t fancy going for some training at QPR, because the journey home from west London back to south-east London was long and a bit lonely.

My Mum persuaded me to go. “Just go tonight son. You don’t have to go again.” So I said: “I’ll just go tonight then Mum.”

When I finished training that night, I walked back to Ruislip station. My Mum was waiting there for me, to join me on the journey home.

I could talk for hours about clubs, managers, players and incidents from my career and my life. I almost joined Leeds United under Brian Clough at one stage!

Just get in touch and let’s plan some work together, so I can share my great stories. And all my stories are true – I know, because I was there!