I’m healthy and ready for work, so just try me

I’m very healthy, feeling good and I’ve been sober for 12 weeks. I’m ready to get out there and give something back, so I need to work more.

I’m not physically fit like when I was playing, but in terms of my addictions I’m in a good place!

I work for Crystal Palace at every home game. I keep myself busy with walks to exercise my foot and I enjoy talking to the public and fans when I’m out and about.

I enjoy talking to supporters at Palace on match-days, but I want to keep myself busy with work, to keep myself well. Please email me with any work offers.

There’s lots of things I can do. Birthdays, shop openings, presentation nights, golf days. These are the sorts of things I’d be delighted to do and I’m open to all good ideas. So just give me a try, I won’t bite!

I’m always delighted to have photos taken with people and to sign whatever you like. The fans are the game of football. They make the game, off the pitch.

I enjoy talking so I want to get out there and do talks, at schools, Q&A evenings at amateur football clubs and social clubs. I’ve got so many good ideas for what will work on stage.

Ideas that will teach people about football and amuse you too, with some good laughs! I have a fantastic video of some career highlights, that I use to discuss ways for kids to improve their game.

It’s all about honesty for me: I’ll give honest answers to any questions. People might think of me as a famous footballer, but I am still just a person. I’m one of you, I just happened to play football!

I’d very much like to get back into media work too. I used to do regular spots on Sky Sports and others. I have a lot to offer, for TV and radio. Interviews, appearances on panels or as a guest, I’m up for anything.

I’m really keen to do more radio work, for stations anywhere, in the UK or abroad. The beauty of radio is that you can join a show on the telephone, you can do it from anywhere, but I’m willing to travel too. Last month I did a piece for Beyond The Pitch, which is based in the USA.

I also did a Facebook Live show recently for the Kenny and Kev Go Live Show, as a guest along with my old Arsenal teammate Steve Williams. Stevie and I had a fantastic laugh and I told some classic Bobby Robson stories.

Like when I was away with England in Uruguay in 1985. It was Montevideo, although Bobby called it Monte-video. The QPR striker Simon Stainrod was in the squad, I think because Gary Lineker was injured. While we were waiting for our luggage, Bobby nudged me and tapped me on the shoulder. “Kenny, who’s that?” “Simon Stainrod, boss.” “Did I pick him?” “Yeah, I think so.”

You can hear more stories like these, when you hire me for work! And all the stories are true! I know, because I was there!