Wales have the team spirit to reach the final

These Euros have been quite cagey so far and I don’t think the semis will be any different. It’s been a fascinating tournament: the surprise achievements of some teams and the disappointment of some others.

It was great to see Iceland score two goals against France, after doing it against England. That shows it wasn’t a one-off. They’ve been very exciting.

Portugal vs Wales is up first. I’m going for Wales. I think Portugal have been very average. I think Wales have the team spirit.

Aaron Ramsey is missing and that is a big miss, but Chris Coleman has been fantastic and it’s important that the camp don’t talk too much about missing Ramsey. They’ve got a good squad to cope. They don’t want to make it their excuse.

I remember a great story with Bobby Robson, from Mexico ’86, before the Paraguay game. Ray Wilkins was suspended and Bryan Robson had done his shoulder, both against Morocco. Bobby relaxed us nicely and we were feeling really good. Then he said calmly: “Don’t worry about those 60 million people watching at home”. It’s a classic! But he meant it. In a good way!

Bale against Ronaldo will be on people’s minds. Bale will be there for his team. He will win that challenge, Ronaldo will come second.

Germany vs France: everybody might have fancied this for the final and the Germans are so good at getting their tactics right, no matter who is the manager. France have great individuals. This is a manager’s game for me.

The managers will play a massive, massive part. It’s obviously the players who do it on the pitch, but it’ll be about who gets it right on the day. I’ve got to go Germany. They’ve got more options in their group of players for me.

So that means a Germany v Wales final. In 1966, that was a World Cup Final between England and Germany and this could be another home nation, playing Germany in a major final. I’d like to congratulate Wales. Even if they’re not in the final yet! But I think they can get there.